Your dog will always want to feel safe and sometimes, underneath the bed is the safest place for them. In a way, your dog is actually thanking you for the treat as he or she starts crying. A number of reasons: Instinct Even if you know that your dog is never going to have to worry about food, and even if you’ve been feeding them every day for years, that doesn’t remove that natural urge they have to ensure their future needs by squirreling things away for later. That sneeze is not the same as an itchy nose, it's a signal that tells the other dog that this is play and helps keep it from escalating into something more serious. (Cats have been known to do it, too.). Stolen socks make great toys for bored dogs – they're soft, easy to throw around, and fun to rip apart. It could also mask their scent to potential prey as well. If a dog was lucky enough to find something to eat, he had to compete with other dogs in his pack—not to mention other animals—to keep his spoils. To stop the behavior, the easy answer is to make sure socks are put away. Why does my dog hide his bones around the house? Below are a number of possible reasons why your dog has been doing it and what would make each of them more likely. There's a good chance you've put socks on your dog's feet at some point. Dogs may be seeking attention this way, or they may be suffering from anxiety and sometimes nausea. Answer: The behavior of eating socks can stem from several underlying reasons. In the wild dogs didn't know when or how they were going to score their next meal, so they began to store their extras. Once you have a good idea of the cause, it should become easier to get your dog to stop doing it. This is a cautionary tale of how finding a bone in my coat pocket made me realize my dog had a real toy hiding problem. To stop the behavior, the easy answer is to make sure socks are put away. But, it would help to avoid rewarding your dog with extra attention when it hides your socks. Why does my dog hide socks? It isn’t fully known why dogs eat socks, amongst other inedible objects, there are a few potential reasons as to why your dog has developed this sock fetish. You may also want to find a toy that can be designed for your dog that is similar to your socks. It could be the case that your dog has been taking your socks because it likes the scent on your socks. yet to find a reason for this quirky detail and if someone could help i'd appreciate it. Many dogs like to bury their bones (treats) for later so hiding them in the bed covers is the next best thing. This is the most common reason dogs retreat to under the table. It is instead a confirmation that your canine still has strong wild-dog instincts. Your dog may be experiencing loud noises, new smells and people, mistrust, or even mistreatment. This would be more likely if it tends to do it more in situations where it might feel anxious such as when you are not home. Many dogs also pick food out of the bowl and carry it to another location to eat it. as an Amazon Associate Pet Dog Owner earns from qualifying purchases. Dogs bury things that they see as valuable in order to save them for later. This post may contain affiliate links. Chewing on socks feels to a dog much like chewing on the fur of their favorite prey. Some breeds, such as the Northern breeds (Huskies, Malamutes) dig cooling holes and lie in them. You can hide your hashtags in a comment by using the same tactic as before (the three-period technique). Of course, some dogs steal laundry simply because they are looking for something to do. He might be looking for that game of chase when he nabs your sock because he's bored and seeking attention. Your dog is just practicing the canine instinct of food hoarding. When animals are sick, they don’t do any of these things. Can anyone Help? In order to understand why dogs are attracted to socks, it’s important to understand the role that scent plays. By hiding it it is displaying natural survival skills. He is behaving as any healthy dog would in the wild. This would be more likely if it does not seem to be doing it due to being anxious, it does it at random times, it also takes other things with a strong scent and it does not seem to be doing it for attention. But if the seeker tags another player before reaching home base, that person becomes "it.". Your dog is just using her natural instinct to protect herself from predators. Update: Dog already knows what is right and what is wrong and is not eating the socks, nor is she simply chewing on them.

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