[Spot jumps on Plankton and licks him] On second thought, what do I need a guard dog for? At times, Patrick has worked at the Chum Bucket for Plankton. SpongeBob and the gang attempt to make their first episode from a video call. In Russia the episode was paired up with "Boss for a Day," even though it was originally going to air together with its sister episode, but that got paired up with that episode instead due to a mistake in the schedule. SpongeBob and Patrick were also assumed to be such by the Bikini Bottomites in "Pranks a Lot" due to their invisibility, but that was just the effects of the Invisible Spray. Bob Square. When the Flying Dutchman shapeshifts into Pearl, the "P" on her shirt is replaced with an "F" for Flying Dutchman. 122b Single Cell Anniversary SpongeBob helps Plankton woo Karen on their anniversary. I can take things up! He lives at 120 Conch Street. • Idea Sting - Nicolas Carr [Patrick… Skip to content. Mr. Krabs once again foils another one of Plankton's attempts to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula and carries him outside through the front doors.] In the video game Creature from the Krusty Krab, Plankton says he does not even know Patrick's name and he still curses him. "], ‣ Fraidy Cat - Fredric Bayco [Plankton adopts a mallet form and hits the Flying Dutchman in the head], ‣ Spooks - Fredric Bayco [After Plankton hits Flying Dutchman], ‣ Love Story: Lonely - Laurie Johnson [Flying Dutchman sobs], ‣ Bump in the Night - Fredric Bayco [Plankton goes to the Krusty Krab again], ‣ Long Legged Beasties - Fredric Bayco [Plankton grabs the secret formula but he can't take it out from the safe], ‣ Creepy Crawly - Ronald Hanmer [Plankton goes back to the Chum Bucket], ‣ Funeral March - Frederic Chopin [Plankton's funeral at the Chum Bucket], ‣ Creepy Crawly - Ronald Hanmer [Flying Dutchman possesses Plankton's body], ‣ Eight Dramatic Bridges - Ronald Hanmer [Everyone gasps], ‣ Cellar Search - Philippe Pares [Everyone gets angry at Plankton], • Tension Bits - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Everyone stomps Plankton], ‣ Ooh-Er - Fredric Bayco [Flying Dutchman exits Plankton's body], ‣ Bump in the Night - Fredric Bayco [Plankton puts his body back on], • Slide Whistle Stooges - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Everyone surrounds Plankton], ‣ Mostly Ghostly A - John Rowcroft [Ending]. The Flying Dutchman and Plankton go over to Squidward Tentacles' house, and the haunting begins. "], • Great Idea Patrick - Nicolas Carr [Plankton gets an idea], • Hot Steel and Slide Licks 2 - Jeremy Wakefield [Plankton jumps onto Karen's hand and changes her screen to make the blueprint of his plan], ‣ ? • Steel Licks 1 - Jeremy Wakefield ["You guys have it all wrong."] What I really need is a retriever. • Steel Licks 9 - Jeremy Wakefield ["To Sandy's house!"] - Unknown public domain movie soundtrack samples [Horror movie in Karen's screen], • Down in Davy Jones' Locker - Nicolas Carr ["I'm the ghost of Plankton! Patrick once completed the Dirty Bu… However, he has mentioned his name a few times and Creature from the Krusty Krab is more than likely non-canon. Plankton disguises Patrick as himself and attempts to escape without Karen knowing. "], ‣ Monster Movie Orchestra - Steve Sechi, Kostas Varotsis [Big Fish Audio] [Flying Dutchman adopts different forms of horrible things], ‣ Bad Slide - [ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator] [Flying Dutchman facepalms], ‣ ? [1], ‣ Waikiki Dance - Lionel Wendling [Title card], ‣ Morning from Peer Gynt Suite No. Krabby Land/The Camping Episode 9.1 2 Apr. In this episode, Plankton becomes a ghost to steal the secret formula, but requires a few lessons from the Flying Dutchman. I want you to retrieve the Krabby Patty. His corpse lay on a coffin, and Plankton feels like getting into his body when the Flying Dutchman says he is dead forever. It spawned a movie, followed by several short films, and video games. Is this true!? October 31, 2020. SHE SELLS CHEVYS > Newsroom > Uncategorized > spongebob plankton's intern. SpongeBob has light blue eyes, a long, slightly curved nose, a large mouth with two prominent front buck teeth, and dimples with three freckles on each cheek. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty recipe again, ... SpongeBob and his friends celebrate the 2300th episode, but then a portal appears, and they get sucked into the Internet. They form a mob and stomp on the Flying Dutchman in Plankton's body. ["What were you thinking?! In this episode, Sponge. SpongeBob plays a piano and Patrick … SpongeBob Patrick Squidward Mr. Krabs Plankton Karen TBA The episode begins at the Krusty Krab with Squidward. At one point in "Salsa Imbicilous", Plankton has to swim through a tidal wave of Patrick's saliva to get inside his mouth. [Plankton and Flying Dutchman exit Squidward's house], ‣ Spooks - Fredric Bayco ["To pick things up, you gotta get REALLY ANGRY!! Bob and P "], ‣ House of Horror - William Farran [Plankton scares himself accidentally], ‣ A Haunting We Will Go - Ronald Hanmer [Flying Dutchman and Plankton at Squidward's house at night], ‣ The Creature (a) - Gregor Narholz [Squidward gets scared], ‣ A Haunting We Will Go - Ronald Hanmer [Squidward hides in his drawer], • A Simple Conversation - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony ["Oh, what a terrible nightmare. Fanonia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. After Karen unplugs herself, Plankton creates a ghost extracting machine, and turns into a ghost. However, in "The Battle of Bikini Bottom," Patrick is able to grow a nose through sheer force of will; however, in "No Nose … I can't even give chum away. [Plankton becomes a ghost and goes into the Krusty Krab's safe], • Hot Steel and Slide Licks 9 - Jeremy Wakefield [Plankton cries], ‣ Malleus Mallificarum (a) - Dave Hewson [Flying Dutchman laughing at Plankton], • Ghostly Scoundrel - Eban Schletter [Flying Dutchman tells Plankton he can teach him how to pick things up], ‣ ? This episode was paired up with "A Cabin in the Kelp" during the original American airing. https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/Patrick-Plankton_relationship?oldid=3350372. However, the title was instead used for the 2013 event of the same name. When he finds out his bed is haunted, Squidward hides in the dresser, with his clarinet. "], ‣ Tales from the Swamp (b) - Ron Goodwin [Flying Dutchman scares the robber], ‣ Med Evil A - Alexander Rudd ["Shh, someone's coming. After admitting defeat, he decides to go back to his regular body. SpongeBob SquarePants is a cute sea sponge, but he is drawn to resemble a kitchen sponge, being rectangular and yellow with an outline. The title card is similar to that of "Cephalopod Lodge," "Model Sponge," and "Bumper to Bumper.". • Vibe Sting - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob realizes he used the second wish] In "The Ghost of Plankton," he teaches Plankton all the basics of being a ghost. However, in episodes that are more recent, he is more of a regular square shape. You should think of a scary thought, and then you become that scary thought. ... . Squidward tries to escape, but knocks himself unconscious. (Zeus plays guitar and people begin making music so loud, and Plankton shoots his death ray, Mr. Krabs swings with his sign, and Sandy and Pearl dance. "The Ghost of Plankton" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season twelve. [Plankton now showing Spot a picture of a Krabby Patty] This is your target. Home; Contact; Employment; Intake; People; Philosophy; Plant Health Care; average deadlift for 15 year old "], • Ghostly Scoundrel - Eban Schletter [Plankton adopts the form of the Flying Dutchman], • Deep Shadows - Eban Schletter ["Pay close attention, squirt. Plankton, realizing he took the clarinet, finds out that he can pick things up now. In this episode, Plankton gets SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward to fix up the Chum Bucket. 95px: 2300: 4 ... Patrick licks a pole in the middle of winter and gets his tongue stuck on … Bobia"The Fry Cook Games" is a Sponge. Plankton. spongebob plankton's intern . Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. In earlier episodes, he is wider near the top and gets skinnier going farther down. First off, you need to learn the art of shapeshifting. TBA TBA Sunny Samoa - Jan Rap [title … In this episode, Plankton becomes a ghost to steal the secret formula, but requires a few lessons from the Flying Dutchman. Role in episode Chip I appears briefly on Karen's screen when she tells Plankton that their baby is named after him because he is a chip. Pants episode from season two. SpongeBob: Mm, ooh! Later, as Plankton uses his gadget on SpongeBob to get lyrics out of him for the Krabby Patty formula, Patrick ends up using it instead, destroying it and making Plankton cry. When he pretends to be a ghost, he gets an idea to steal the secret formula. Eventually, he got an award for doing nothing longer than anyone else ever, which pleased him. 12 3919a: 30a "Patrick's Tantrum 2" CrazySponge March 7, 2216 In this episode, nobody wants Patrick to have a tantrum again. By being a ghost, he can go through walls, which is how he got into the safe in the Krusty Krab. ["Shapeshifting is one of the easiest things a ghost can do. The Flying Dutchman hitting Plankton whenever they go on to a new lesson. Unlike most of the other main characters of the series, Patrick lacks a nose. Patrick Star is somewhat a cheese puff and jealous of SpongeBob's various awards and once tried to imitate everything he did by trying to be a fry cook, hoping to get awards for it. So the training begins. The first was "The Curse of Bikini Bottom.". For this lesson, you have to make another's life a nightmare by haunting their house. The episode starts with Plankton watching a horror movie on movie night. However, by being a ghost, he can go through walls, but he cannot pick things up either, leading to what seems to be a failure. ‣ Mostly Ghostly A - John Rowcroft [Title card], ‣ New Threat - Roger Roger [Horror movie in Karen's screen], ‣ ? In the episode Chum Bucket Supreme (I think that's the name), Plankton was talking to Patrick and Patrick said "What kind of friend are you!?" Patrick's portrayal is pleasant, overweight, lazy, unmannerly, unintelligent, and generally ignorant. Plankton denies it, saying he's only a "temporary" ghost, but an eager Flying Dutchman goes into Plankton's body to be alive again. The sleeping Patrick actually licks Plankton's butt at one point, much to the latter's horror. Template:Episode/97a While jellyfishing in Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob and Patrick encounter an object sticking out of the ground. The Flying Dutchman breaks the fourth wall at the very end when he pops up after the "The End" title card, scaring the viewers. This article documents the relationship between Patrick and Plankton. Plankton happily accepts, and even after being stomped multiple times by the people, he says that it's good to be alive. "], • Fooling Around - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Karen unplugs and shuts herself off], ‣ At the Graveyard - Gregor Narholz [Plankton gets into the ghost extracting machine], ‣ ? The Flying Dutchman turns into multiple scary things, and then it was Plankton's turn. ... SpongeBob's Book of Frosty Funnies • Blast Off, Splash Down! It was executive produced by Hillenburg, and was the first season of the show not to involve long-time crew member and former showrunner Paul Tibbitt. - Brad Carow, Nicolas Carr [Squidward playing clarinet], ‣ House of Horror - William Farran [Plankton grabs Squidward's clarinet adopting SpongeBob's form], • Unknown Track 109 - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Squidward unconscious on the floor], ‣ Ooh-Er - Fredric Bayco ["Hey, I picked something up! They decided to dig it up, and they discover an old submarine. Patrick crashes and hurts himself. List of episode transcripts This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Salsa Imbecilicus" from Season 9, which aired on July 15, 2016. Believing that Plankton played a cruel joke by pretending to be dead, all the mourners, except SpongeBob, get real angry. That's when the Flying Dutchman appears on Mr. Krabs' chair, cackling, and tells Plankton that it takes some training to pick things up, and he picks up the bottle on his first try. Sponge Bob SquarePants is an animated American television series designed by Steven Hellenberg. • Hot Steel and Slide Licks 5 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Make 200 of these pronto!"] "Stuck on the Roof" After upgrading his car and winning several races against dream versions of Patrick, Plankton, and Gary, he accidentally drives into an unnoticed pit. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler/Pranks a Lot 9.1 11 Oct. 'Dunces and Dragons' is the sixth episode of the fourth season and the 66th overall episode of the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He decides to give up and give Plankton his body back. Because of this, he generally cannot smell (such as in Something Smells, in which SpongeBob has bad breath). He even is the only person who actually likes to eat his chum. Plankton's maraccas he uses during his anniversary song. The title used in this episode's official promo is titled as "SpongeBob ScarePants.". This is how you scare someone. https://spongebob-ucp.fandom.com/wiki/The_Ghost_of_Plankton?oldid=261. and Plankton said "I don't even know you!" The Fry Cook Games - Encyclopedia Sponge. Airdate: Plankton takes some lessons from the Flying Dutchman in 'The Ghost of Plankton', then in 'My Two Krabses', Mr. Krabs gets ready for a hot date, but SpongeBob and Patrick are not the best help. Meanwhile at the chum bucket, Plankton discover the know the krabby patty secret formula. [The episodes begins on another beautiful day at the Krusty Krab. • Hot Steel and Slide Licks 4 - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob causes electricity with his bare feet] [18] The program also received a pending nomination at the British Academy Children's Awards for the International category, which it lost. But he plays his clarinet badly, and a few seconds later, an annoyed Plankton pulls the clarinet from Squidward and morphs into a SpongeBob ghost, and becomes visible. The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on June 29, 2019. Plankton doesn't think Patrick is very bright, so he may use this to his advantage to try to sabotage the Krusty Krab. But when he enters the Chum Bucket, he is surprised to find out that Karen had invited everyone to Plankton's funeral because he left his body alone for too long. When Patrick finds himself compelled to enter a school rocket building competition, his best friend, Desmond and younger sister PJ, jump behind him. "], ‣ ? The episode ends with the Flying Dutchman doing a jump scare in front of a "The End" card. SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-) is an animated TV series, airing on Nickelodeon about the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. The series is many adventures and stories about the main character SpongeBob and his friends in a fictional underwater city in the Pacific called “Bikini Bottom”Here are the best episodes of this series according to the votes of SpongeBob fans 1- Pizza […] CHAMBER EXECUTIVES; OVERVIEW OF GHCCI Please make it stop!"] ["If I were a ghost, I could walk right through the walls of the Krusty Krab and take the Krabby Patty secret formula! a customer takes an order. Plankton tries to drive Mr. Krabs' customers away by haunting the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob is flipping two Krabby Patties and they flop into his head. Was this the first episode Patrick and Plankton met and interacted with each other? This is the second episode where a main character turns into a ghost. "], ‣ ? In “The Hankering”, we get a full closeup of chum, which is … However, in "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost," Squidward is assumed to be a ghost by SpongeBob and Patrick, but is not one. Season №: • Hot Steel and Slide Licks 14 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Ooh, haven't worn this one in a while."] Plankton hires Patrick to create a slogan for the Chum Bucket. Now, security is tight, so I've devised a pl-- [Spot walks away Yet, there have been times that they were enemies. Plankton coughing … Uuuh...! Suddenly, the anchor shifts, crashing into Squidward's house as well. But when suddenly, Squidward was wonder what's going on with SpongeBob and Patrick got the case of crying outside the window. This episode is probably the single most forgettable episode in Spongebob history. 1 Characters 2 Synopsis 2.1 Shapeshifting 2.2 Scaring 2.3 Haunting Houses 2.4 How to Pick Things Up 3 Production 3.1 Music 4 Trivia 4.1 General 4.2 Running gags 5 Video Sheldon J. Plankton … Lesson one complete. Cult of War Series Cult of Squid Season 3 Episode 6 Airdate December 5th, 2019 Production company Squidwork Broadcast number 306 Story by Locknloaded23 Written by Purple133 Directed by Locknloaded23 Title card by Purple133 Previous Episode A Thousand Souls Next Episode Cult of War II: Feathered Fiends 287b The Halloween Episode Spongebob and Patrick go trick-or-treating at Spongebob's house and Squidward tries to get them trick-or-treating for real. 2019 ‣ Duel to the Death - Ronald Hanmer [Krabs and Plankton beat up PlanKrab] List of episodes ‣ A Visit to Aunty - Johnny Hawksworth [PlanKrab is the new owner of the Krusty Krab] The episode starts with Plankton vandalizing the Krusty Krab to make Mr. Krabs look … 288a I Passed The Past spongebob plankton's intern. Bad ghost! Plankton becomes Squidward's bed and shakes, waking Squidward up. ‣ Fast Steps - Anselm Kreuzer [Krabs uses Plankton as his razor blade] Sister episode(s): U.S. viewers (millions): SpongeBob SquarePants S11E53 The String - video dailymotion • Steel Licks 7 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Perfect!"] On a second attempt to steal the formula, Plankton picks it up just fine after hearing the Dutchman's advice. "The Ghost of Plankton" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season twelve. Accepting the pupil's talent, the Flying Dutchman whacks him with a mallet. June 3, 2009 38/47 Meh He turns into a weird shape, but since it isn't scary, he becomes a duplicate of the Flying Dutchman. O.o In this final lesson, the Flying Dutchman tells Plankton that he has to be really angry in order to pick something up. 286b 287a Tomatoes Spongebob forgets to buy tomatoes for The Krusty Krab. July 19, 2009 45/47 Good "Apparantly dumb sells chum." Patrick licking plankton - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Squilliam Fancyson Bad! Plankton being afraid of the Flying Dutchman's form of Pearl is a reference to his fear of whales in "One Coarse Meal.". • Steel Licks 7 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Hooray! 030 295 4456 INFO@CHAMBEROFCONSTRUCTION.ORG; STAFF WEBMAIL Get An Appointment. In order to be a proper ghost, you got to scare others. This is the ninth Halloween-themed episode of the series, the other eight being "Scaredy Pants," "The Curse of Bikini Bottom," "Ghoul Fools," "Don't Look Now," "Séance Shméance," "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom," "Krabby Patty Creature Feature," and "The Night Patty" respectively. The Flying Dutchman scares the life out of a robber, and when Plankton did his scare, he accidentally scared himself through a reflection. It's sad to me that the only non-visual joke in the episode is a british guy saying "extreme sports," but Spongebob and Patrick hearing … You just have to think of a horrible thing and poof! Coincidentally, both play "Slide Whistle Stooges" near or at the end and they also used the The End card at the end. After October 2019, it did not air again due to it's sister episode not premiereing during the time, until it was later paired up "The Krusty Slammer" on February 15, 2020. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Home; About Us. The Flying Dutchman accepts it, hits him with a golf club, and they move on to lesson three. ... "Rock Star" is a SpongeBob Fanon Series episode from Season 1. Posted by: No Comments Dave Cunningham U.S. viewers (millions): Watch Queue Queue Ringing bells and SpongeBob destroying some of the bells. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia UCP Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, when he tried to take it out of the safe, the bottle wouldn't go through the wall, as it is not a ghost. This obviously took no time to write whatsoever. Add Image S1, Ep2

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