She is an Era 2 Peridot who can be identified by her square-shaped hair and her Gem covering her left eye. Squaridot then refuses to give up any information regarding Hessonite or her plans, resulting in Steven and the rest of the group deciding to get Peridot to rebuild Squaridot's ship so they can track Hessonite. Much like Peridot, she believes that Steven represents an entire species that shares his name; she never seems to recant this belief. A white visor covers the top half of her face and her triangular gemstone replaces her left eye. Status She mocked Peridot for losing her own limb enhancers and steadfastly refused to listen to her insistence that there was nothing wrong with abandoning Homeworld's beliefs. She continues to wear short dark green leggings, but now wears medium green leggings as well, that cover her feet and feature yellow toes and triangle-shaped knee pads. Peridot Peridot | Lapis Lazuli | Jasper | Yellow Diamond's Pearl | Blue Diamond's Pearl | Pink Pearl | Eyeball Ruby | Navy Ruby | Holly Blue Agate | Aquamarine | Topaz | Emerald | Hessonite | Squaridot | Pyrope | Demantoid | Spinel, Fusion Gems Since her limb enhancers were destroyed, she has by extension lost the height they gave her, forcing her true, short, stature to be displayed. Gemstone Squaridot was angry that Peridot ran away with Rose Quartz. Then out of nowhere, another gem moves in after being discovered by Steven. Gem Fusions: Alexandrite • Crazy Lace Agate • Garnet • Mega Pearl • Obsidian (Rose Quartz Fusion) • Opal • Rainbow Quartz • Sardonyx • Sugilite Squaridot will attack the Player's team through one of two attacks: she will either fire an energy blast at any of the characters, who will then have to reflect the attack by countering, or by trying to suck the characters into the Summit Lake by using a propeller, also causing snowballs to roll towards them. gay gets caught in … Jun 14, 2018 - Peridot, nicknamed Squaridot by Steven, is a supporting antagonist in Steven Universe: Save the Light. Like Peridot 5XG, she is voiced by Shelby Rabara. Buy 'Squaridot(Steven Universe)' by ZephyrJesterArt as a Coasters. Modern Gem technology (non-summoned, specifically attack pod and limb enhancers; formerly) This is a Steven Universe love triangle story. Golf Quest Mini: Ace • Ace's Father Empire City Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Employee, Upon Steven's cry for help Garnet, Amethyst or Pearl poofs "Squaridot" and Garnet bubbles her for good measure. Hessonite is one of the tallest single Gems known in Save the Light, standing about a head higher than Garnet. The number 1 subreddit for Steven Universe. Olive green Eye Like Peridot 5XG, she is voiced by Shelby Rabara. Squaridot entered the headquarters with Peridot and Steven still in the cage. Occupation(s) Peridot "Squaridot" presumably possesses the standard abilities of an Era 2 Peridot including bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman durability. Steven Universe: Save The Light sees players collecting light shards and protecting the world. At the barn, Peridot meets Squaridot, who openly mocks her Earth-counterpart for shedding her limb enhancers. By theEyZmaster Watch. Peridot, nicknamed "Squaridot" for her hair, is an Era 2 Homeworld Gem and boss in Save the Light and Unleash the Light. Lightweight one-sided printed masonite board with cork backing; Available in sets of 4 After being released by Peridot, "Squaridot", like most Gems, reformed with a new outfit. 28 Comments. When she and Peridot got into an argument, their bickering devolved into a volley of insults, highlighting their mutual stubborn streaks and tempers. In her case, she falls back on her vehicle and only pulls out the weapons of her limb enhancers when fed up with Peridot's insults. The plot is basically the same. Weapon(s) When the Crystal Gems' search takes them to The Great North, they come across "Squaridot" making a field report; Steven realizes she is a different Peridot, giving her a nickname while noticing their interaction is oddly familiar. Li'l Butler: Li'l Butler • Mr. Money • Mrs. Money • Daughter Money • Dirtbike Money Aliens: Beetle Aliens • Bird Blob Aliens • Ungulate Aliens • Worm Aliens • Flower-Like Aliens • Minor Alien Characters, Camp Pining Hearts: Paulette • Percy • Pierre Hessonite's gemstone is located in the center of her chest and is a rounded rectangle with a rectangular facet. Her eyebrows are significantly bushier than the Crystal Gem's Peridot, almost resembling Steven's in a way. Features. Steven believes this Gem to be Peridot, however, he soon realizes that the Gem is really just another Peridot Gem, who he then nicknames "Squaridot", due to her square hair. Squaridot is extremely arrogant, conceited and egotistical; in many ways, she is almost exactly like Peridot before her reformation. Vowing to earn her superiors' praise "Squaridot" boards her attack pod and engages the Crystal Gems in battle. When something interferes she exhibits a mixture of panic and frustration leading her to display erratic behavior. Peridot, nicknamed Squaridot by Steven, is a supporting antagonist in Steven Universe: Save the Light. After her defeat, "Squaridot" remains defiant as the Crystal Gems capture her swearing she'll never betray her superior. She is deeply loyal to her superiors and seems to hold Yellow Diamond in the highest regard possible as she fantasized about being praised by her as the most wonderful thing she could ever hope for. You may not know it, but there's Steven Universe RPG game that are actually not that bad. 1 / 3. Pin Tweet Shop the Meme. Sex Humans: Connie Maheswaran When they bring "Squaridot" to the barn she sees Peridot and comments how "naked and detached" she is while snickering about how glad she is to not be her. She is wholly devoted to her mission on Earth and sees anything that gets in her way as an obstacle to be crushed. Professional Status She is an Era 2 Peridot, a Homeworld Gem and a minion of Hessonite and Yellow Diamond, who seeks to destroy the Crystal Gems.

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