84% of the population is Punjabi, 9% is Pashtun, and 7% is from other ethnic groups. If these numbers do not improve, then the people of Pakistan will actually see their life expectancy rate dip back down to the numbers of the mid 1990’s (59 years of age). Rawalpindi, being so close to the capital, has an active media and newspaper climate. Finally becoming a sovereign state (and eventually recognized as an official mark on the map of the world) on August 14, 1947, this country is known for having deep roots in the Islamic religion. In 1765, the ruling Gakhars were defeated as the city came under Sikh rule, and eventually became a major city within the Sikh Empire based in Lahore. The City-District of Rawalpindi is sub-divided into one Municipal Corporation Two Cantonment Board and Seven tehsils: Rawalpindi also holds many private colonies that have developed themselves rapidly, e.g. Strong windstorms are frequent in the summer during which wind gusts have been reported by Pakistan Meteorological Department to have reached 176 km/h (109 mph). [70] 77.1% of Rawalpindi's students in Class 5 are able to read sentences in English. The stations is served by the Awam Express, Hazara Express, Islamabad Express, Jaffar Express, Khyber Mail trains, and serves as the terminus for the Margalla Express, Mehr Express, Rawal Express, Pakistan Express, Subak Raftar Express, Green Line Express, Sir Syed Express, Subak Kharam Express, and Tezgam trains. In Total population males are 2741872 , female are 2663075 and Shemale / Transgender are 686 . Pahariwood Network (Regional language channel). [21] In 1901, Rawalpindi was made the winter headquarters of the Northern Command and of the Rawalpindi military division. [20] Sir Alexander Cunningham identified ruins on the site of the Rawalpindi Cantonment as the ancient city of Ganjipur (or Gajnipur), the capital of the Bhatti tribe in the ages preceding the Christian era. Average annual growth rate is 2.52 from 1998 to 2017. For a population of over 220 million, this is a growth of about 5.28 million people per year. Balochi, Brahvi, Balti, Hunzai, Kohistani, Khowar, Shina, Sindhi and Punjabi speakers are found. The country of Pakistan has a history that dates back to almost 2,500 years B.C. Rawalpindi Golf Course was completed in 1926 by Rawalpindi Golf Club, one of the oldest golf clubs of Pakistan. [52] The city still has a small Sikh population, but has been bolstered by the arrival of Sikhs fleeing political instability in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[54]. Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation has a centre in Rawalpindi [21], Rawalpindi flourished as a commercial centre, though the city remained largely devoid of an industrial base during the British era. South of Rawalpindi's historic core, and across the Lai Nullah, are the wide lanes of the Rawalpindi Cantonment. [69], 97.4% of children ages 6–16 in urban areas of Rawalpindi District are enrolled in school – the third highest percentage in Pakistan after Islamabad and Karachi. Beyond the cantonment are the large suburban housing developments that serve as bedroom communities for Islamabad's commuter population.[49]. Rawalpindi features a humid subtropical climate (Köppen: Cwa)[47] with hot and wet summers, a cooler and drier winter. [61] Upgrading of the railway line will permit train travel at speeds of 160 kilometres per hour, versus the average 60 to 105 km per hour speed currently possible on existing track.[62]. Rawalpindi railway station in the Saddar neighbourhood serves as a stop along Pakistan's 1,687 kilometres (1,048 mi)-long Main Line-1 railway that connects the city to the port city of Karachi to Peshawar. The British government carried out poison gas testing on Indian troops during the Rawalpindi experiments over the course of more than a decade beginning in the 1930s. There have been very drastic and dramatic social changes in Pakistan. English is widely spoken throughout the government of Pakistan, mainly because it is actually the official language of the government of the country. As of 2002, men were expected to live around 63.7 years, while women were expected to live 63.4 years. [41], On 10 April 1988, Rawalpindi's Ojhri Camp, an ammunition depot for Afghan mujahideen fighting against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, exploded and killed many in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. [21], The first mention of Rawalpindi's earliest settlement dates from when Mahmud of Ghazni destroyed Rawalpindi and the town was restored by Gakhar chief Kai Gohar in the early 11th century. The Karachi population figure as per the 2017 census is 14,910,352 while that of Lahore is 11,126,285. Riots broke out against British rule in 1905, following a famine in Punjab that peasants were led to believe was a deliberate act. City is located on the famous mountain range of pothohar. The population of Rawalpindi is approximately 1.41 Million The Area of Rawalpindi is roughly 5286.00 km² (2040.94 mi²) The Rawalpindi is an city in the Region Punjab of the Country Pakistan Popular places As a result of these efforts, it is a lot poorer than what is was a long time ago. Judging from how the population has grown significantly over just ten years, this “doubled population” figure does not seem to be far off. [70] 27% of children in Rawalpindi attend paid private schools.[71]. [29] The community had entirely emigrated to Israel by the 1960s. There are no coronavirus cases reported in our system for Rawalpindi , Pakistan, as of Tuesday, 5th of January 2021. [65][66], Rawalpindi is situated near the Ayub National Park formerly known as 'Topi Rakh' (keep the hat on) is by the old Presidency, between the Murree Brewery Co. and Grand Trunk Road. When we consider the foreigners who live in Pakistan, a majority of them come from Afghanistan. 2022 2,327,000 96.8% of Rawalpindi's population is Muslim, 2.47% is Christian, 0.73% belong to other religious groups. POPULATION BY SEX, SEX RATIO, AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD SIZE AND GROWTH RATE. [28] Rawalpindi became for a time the refuge of Shah Shuja, the exiled king of Afghanistan, and of his brother Shah Zaman in the early 19th century. POPULATION BY PROVINCE / REGION SINCE 1951. The country’s capital is Islamabad, and the country features four different provinces: North West Frontier Province, Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab. The downside, unfortunately, is that doctors and nurses are still in short number for the citizens that need them. [5] The city was destroyed during the invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni before being taken over by Gakhars in 1493. Population (2017) Total Area Population Density (2017) Average Annual Population Growth Rate (1998 - 2017) Map Attock District: Rawalpindi Division: 1,883,556 6,857 km 2 … There are 84% of population are Punjabi and 9% consist of Pashto people and 7% others. [36] The region, on account of its large Muslim majority, was thus awarded to Pakistan. Population Density. Rawalpindi is important city in Pakistan, UrduPoint provides local news of Rawalpindi on the UrduPoint Pakistan Section. Islamabad has grown by 172,599 since 2015, which represents a 3.37% annual change. The new valuation rate of residential & commercial plots of Rawalpindi is extensively described below. On 14 March 1849, Sardar Chattar Singh and Raja Sher Singh of the Sikh Empire surrendered to General Gilbert near Rawalpindi, ceding the city to the British. The most popular language in Pakistan is Punjabi, a language in which 88 percent of the population speaks. The city's Kohaati Bazaar is site of large Shia mourning-processions for Ashura. Pakistan’s prison population increased in the early months of the pandemic, according to a report on the country’s prisons. [38][39] The military dictatorship of General Zia ul Haq hanged Pakistan's deposed Prime Minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in Rawalpindi in 1979. As of the year 2002, the life expectancy has jumped up to 63 years of age. In the British era many churches were build for the British soldiers to come to the churches for Sunday prayer because [21] The city was considered to be a favourite first posting for newly arrived soldiers from England, owing to the city's agreeable climate, and nearby hill station at nearby Murree. The motorway also links Rawalpindi to major cities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, such as Charsadda and Mardan. Read latest Urdu news, articles, photos, videos and events details. Rawalpindi is adjacent to Pakistan's capital of Islamabad, and the two are jointly known as the "twin cities" on account of strong social and economic links between the cities. [52] The neighbourhoods of Waris Shah Mohallah and Pir Harra Mohallah form the core of Muslim settlement in Rawalpindi's old city. In 2020, the total population of Pakistan amounted … Playland is another public park parallel to Ayub Park. Peshawar's 2020 population is now estimated at 2,202,946.In 1950, the population of Peshawar was 152,825.Peshawar has grown by 69,564 since 2015, which represents a 3.26% annual change. [26] Jews first arrived in Rawalpindi's Babu Mohallah neighbourhood from Mashhad, Persia in 1839,[29] in order to flee from anti-Jewish laws instituted by the Qajar dynasty. [22] Britain's army elevated the city from a small town, to the third largest city in Punjab by 1921. Rawalpindi Division is an administrative division of Punjab Province, Pakistan. [6] Following the partition of British India in 1947, the city became home to the headquarters of Pakistan Army hence retaining its status as a major military city. [37] In 1959, the city became the interim capital of the country under Ayub Khan, who had sought the creation of a new planned capital of Islamabad in the vicinity of Rawalpindi. [26] The city's administration was handed to Sardar Milkha Singh, who then invited traders from the neighbouring commercial centers of Jhelum and Shahpur to settle in the territory in 1766. Coronavirus Rawalpindi, Pakistan . [53] Despite the fact that the vast majority of the city's Hindus fled en masse to India after Partition, most Hindu temples in the old city remain standing, although in disrepair and often abandoned. Pakistan’s prison population increased in the early months of the pandemic, according to a report on the country’s prisons. If you’ve traveled over any of these trains from this city to Lahore, do share your experience in the comments section below! • Total: 3,198,911 • Density: 12,000/km 2 (32,000/sq mi): Time zone: UTC+5 • Summer ()UTC+6 (): Area code(s) 051: Website: www.rawalpindi.gov.pk The current growth rate in Pakistan is close to 2%, but this is expected to halve to less than 1% by the year 2050 - at which point it is predicted to cross the 300 million threshold. The city's Kohaati Bazaar is site of large Shia mourning-processions for Ashura. Rawalpindi Public Park is on Murree Road near Shamsabad. [34] The area's first Partition riots erupted the next day on 6 March 1947, when the city's Muslims, angered by the actions of Hindus and Sikhs and encouraged by the Pir of Golra Sharif, raided nearby villages after they were unable to do so in the city on account of Rawalpindi's heavily armed Sikhs. [22][26] The city then began to prosper, although the population in 1770 is estimated to have been only about 300 families. [21] Rawalpindi's cantonment served as a feeder to other cantonments throughout the region. In 1958, Field Marshal Ayub Khan launched his coup d'etat from Rawalpindi. It houses a state-of-the-art cinema, Cinepax,[64] a Metro Cash and Carry supermart, an outlet of McDonald's, gaming lounges, Motion Rides and other recreational facilities. In 2008 Jinnah Park was inaugurated at the heart of Rawalpindi and has since become a hotspot of activity for the city. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Statistics House, 21-Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad, Pakistan E-mail: pbs@pbs.gov.pkpbs@pbs.gov.pk The remaining seven countries over 1 million listed in order of their respective sizes are Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, Islamabad, and Quetta. According to the 1998 census the population of the district was 3,363,911 of which 53.03% were urban. The population of Rawalpindi is 2,098,231 in 2017. [13][14][15][16], The region around Rawalpindi has been inhabited for thousands of years. Construction of Pakistan's new capital city of Islamabad in 1961 led to greater investment in Rawalpindi. Policemen fired upon protestors, while Hindus and Sikhs fought against weaker Muslim counter-protestors. As a result, Rawalpindi saw most major central government offices and institutions relocate to nearby territory, and its population rapidly expand. Brief History of rawalpindi: Rawalpindi District : is a district of Pakistan in the northern region of the Punjab province, 4 th largest city of Pakistan. The population of Rawalpindi is 4,700,000 in 2017. Rawalpindi hosts the fourth largest number of people in the country with a population of 2.098 million. [26] Sikh rule over Rawalpindi was consolidated by defeat of the Afghans at Haidaran in July 1813. Country. [21] In 1891, the city's population excluding the Cantonment was 34,153. To break this down even more specifically, the population of Pakistan grew, on average, at a rate of 3 percent per year from 1951 until the middle of the 1980’s decade. About 50 percent of Pakistani citizens live in a place where at least 5,000 other citizens reside as well. All-populations.com used data from the number of the population from official sources. The building was donated for a public library by the then-Deputy Commissioner Major Davis on the initiative of philanthropist Khurshid Anwar Jilani, an attorney, writer and social worker. [7][8], Construction of Pakistan's new purpose-built national capital city of Islamabad in 1961 led to greater investment in the city, as well as a brief stint as the country's capital immediately before completion of Islamabad. This number came from a report that was published by the World Bank in 2012. less than 50% of its total water demand. [48] The weather is highly variable due to the proximity of the city to the foothills of Himalayas. Detail Population of District Rawalpindi Census 2017 Latest Population Welfare Department vacancies in Rawalpindi city from all todays newspapers can be seen here online. The Islamabad Expressway connects Rawalpindi's eastern portions with the Rawal Lake and heart of Islamabad. [28] During the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, the area's Gakhars and Janjua tribes remained loyal to the British. Gulraiz Housing Society, Korang Town, Agochs Town, Ghori Town, Pakistan Town, Judicial Town, Bahria Town[63] which is the Asia's largest private colony, Kashmir Housing Society, Danial Town, Al-Haram City, Education City, Gul Afshan Colony, Allama Iqbal Colony. Rawalpindi is a big Metropolitan City. [32], During World War 1, Rawalpindi District "stood first" among districts in recruiting for the British war effort, with greater financial assistance from the British government channeled into the area in return. access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation, UN World Population Prospects (2019 Revision). Last collected in the year 2011, the population, at that point, stood at a reported 176,745,364. Retrieved 6 December 2015. The Shri Krishna Mandir is the only functional Hindu temple in Rawalpindi. Please report a case here There are no deaths confirmed in Rawalpindi, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. The population is predicted to near 210 million by 2020 and get to 245 million by 2030. However, the building was confiscated for election and political campaigning during the last days of Field Marshal Ayub Khan's reign, and rare manuscripts and artifacts were taken away by the influential. Which are the famous mosques in Rawalpindi? Rawalpindi's Hindu and Sikh population, who had made up 33.72% and 17.32% of the city,[36] migrated en masse to the newly independent Dominion of India after communal riots in western Punjab, while Muslim refugees from India settled in the city following anti-Muslim pogroms in eastern Punjab and northern India. [9] Modern Rawalpindi is socially and economically intertwined with Islamabad, and the greater metropolitan area. With present population influx, the periphery of city is expanding at unimaginable speed. Total population of Rawalpindi according to the census of 2017 is over 2.1 million. Country Population Rank. [36] A spate of bombings in September 1987 took place in the city killing 5 people, in attacks that are believed to have been orchestrated by agents of Afghanistan's communist government. [53] Many of the old city's neighbourhoods continue to bear Hindu and Sikh names, such as Krishanpura, Arya Mohallah, Akaal Garh, Mohanpura, Amarpura, Kartarpura, Bagh Sardaraan, Angatpura. [21] A large market was opened in central Rawalpindi in 1883 by Sardar Sujan Singh, while the British further developed a shopping district for the city's elite known as Saddar with an archway built to commemorate Brigadier General Massey. In the region north-west of Rawalpindi, traces have been found of at least 55 stupas, 28 Buddhist monasteries, 9 temples, and various artifacts in the Kharoshthi script. Rawalpindi city is the district capital.. The ship was converted into an armed vessel, and was sunk in October 1939. After several phases of development, it is now a 27-hole course and the biggest in Pakistan. An abandoned Hindu Temple at Bagh Sardaran. [10][11] As home to GHQ of Pakistan Army & Benazir Bhutto International Airport, and with connections to the M-1 and M-2 motorways, Rawalpindi is a major logistics and transportation centre for northern Pakistan. The town dwindled in importance during the British Raj. The demographics of Rawalpindi District, a district of Punjab in Pakistan, has undergone significant changes over the years.It has been affected by turmoil in the surrounding districts. The largest ethnic group in Pakistan consists of those of Punjabi ethnicity, while Pashtuns and Sindhis are the second and third largest ethnic groups in the country, respectively. The improvement was a direct result of improved medical facilities and better educated health professionals available in the country. Following Rawalpindi's capture by the British East India company, 53rd Regiment of the company army took quarters in the newly captured city. RAWALPINDI: With 11 people ... A total of 204 patients were reported from a population of 10,090 in these areas with 133 patients surfacing in the last two weeks alone. There are a large number of Cable TV service providers in the city such as Nayatel, PTCL, SA Cable Network and DWN. These population estimates and projections come from the latest revision of … Find latest Student jobs in Rawalpindi of December 2020, November 2020 and October 2020. [21] The Commissariat Steam Flour Mills were the first such mills in Punjab, and supplied most of the needs of British cantonments throughout Punjab. POPULATION BY PROVINCE / REGION SINCE 1951. According to census 2017 total population of District Rawalpindi is 5405633 . [24], With the onset of chaos and rivalry between Gakhar chiefs after the death of Kamal Khan in 1559, Rawalpindi was awarded to Said Khan by the Mughal Emperor. [23], During the Mughal era, Rawalpindi remained under the rule of the Ghakhar clan, who in turn pledged allegiance to the Mughal Empire. The city was conquered by the British Raj in 1849, and in 1851 became the largest garrison town of the British Indian Army. The Karakoram Highway provides access between Islamabad and western China, and an alternate route to Central Asia via Kashgar in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. Pakistan’s population is expected to surpass that of Indonesia in 2048 when it will reach 331.29 million. [36] The Baba Dyal Singh Gurdwara in Rawalpindi was where the reformist Nirankari movement of Sikhism originated. The 2019 population density in Pakistan is 281 people per Km 2 (728 people per mi 2), calculated on a total land area of 770,880 Km2 (297,638 sq. [9] Rawalpindi remained the headquarters of the Pakistani Army after the capital shifted to Islamabad in 1969, while the Pakistan Air Force continues to maintain an airbase in the Chaklala district of Rawalpindi. The city's "Shamshan Ghat" serves as the city's cremation grounds, and was partly renovated in 2012.[58]. It offers non-stop flights throughout Pakistan, as well as to the Middle East, Europe, North America, Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. [31] Communal riots erupted between Rawalpindi's Sikh and Muslim communities in 1926 after Sikhs refused to silence music from a procession that was passing in front of a mosque. In the year 1984, the life expectancy of a Pakistani citizen was only at 56.9 years. Mohan Temple in the Lunda Bazaar remains standing, but is abandoned and the building no longer used for any purpose. Rawalpindi was a majority Hindu and Sikh city prior to the Partition of British India in 1947,[53] while Muslims made up 43.79% of the population. China: 1,394,015,977: 6. [21] In December 1585, the Emperor Akbar arrived in Rawalpindi, and remained in and around Rawalpindi for 13 years as he extended the frontiers of the empire,[24] in an era described as a "glorious period" in his career as Emperor.

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