It was used frequently for exterior scenes until, having learned the house was subsiding, Donald sold it to fellow Summer Bay resident Joe Bowman in early 1992. Maraylya NSW 2765, The exterior of the Summer Bay Church Hall was seen prominently in Episodes 57–58 whilst preparations for the Easter dance got underway. Part of her plan involved enrolling Sam at the prestigious Wentworth Grammar School in the city, and whilst boys are usually enrolled at birth, Morag’s contacts … Continue reading Wentworth Grammar / Pippa’s OAM. Home and Away has revealed that Colby Thorne will face a dramatic fight for his life next month. North Narrabeen NSW 2101, In Episode 5523 in 2012, we saw the debut of the James household, home to young tearaway Jett and his unwell mother Liz. Macquarie Park NSW 2113, In 2001, a new exterior filming location debuted for Summer Bay High School, the third since the show’s inception. When Ailsa set up the Bayside Diner with Bobby Simpson in late 1988, she sold the store to Celia Stewart. In order to film the airfield scenes … Continue reading Amanda’s Airfield, 33 Post Office Street The real-life house, used for exterior scenes, is nestled on Harley Road … Continue reading Morgan House, Careel Bay Marina Carlingford NSW 2118, In 2000, Mitch McColl and Hayley Smith found a homeless girl, Sarah MacKay, drowned in a stormwater drain in the bay. Home and Away airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 in Australia, and weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK. 259 Morrison Road Google Tap Add action to see a list of all the devices you can control with these routines. The store appeared for the final time … Continue reading Hogans General Store, North Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club Woolwich NSW 2110, In 2009, Gardy forced Roman Harris into assisting in the armed robbery of the Mangrove River Storage Company between episodes 4871–4873, which eventually led to the departure of Roman. Castlereagh NSW 2749, In an attempt to cure Roman Harris of his post-traumatic blindness in 2009, Episodes 4855/4856 saw Gardy take Roman to a bridge and push him off it – citing that the fall would shock Roman into seeing again, which after a small delay ended up working. In … Continue reading Robertson House, Following the scandal of the past relationship between Lucas Holden and Summer Bay High temp teacher Naomi Preston, she moved back to the city. The dock underwent a big development not long after … Continue reading Mangrove River Wharf, Karala Later in the same episode she returned … Continue reading Summer Bay Catholic Church (1988), The Macklin Group was owned by Gordon Macklin and employed various characters in the first couple of years of the show, during the inception of the Macklin owned Sands Resort in Summer Bay. So, if you’re visiting a neighbor, your home may not switch to Away mode. Company Credits To help with bookings, call our support phone number:1-877-202-4291 Brooklyn Road 24 Sagars Rd When Miles was later beaten up by a gang of youths, he went back to the Radcliffe House and realised that Riley was one of the perpetrators. Home and Away (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. Thirlmere NSW 2572, In 1995, an Italian exchange student named Laura Bonetti came to stay in the Stewart household. Their arrival in Summer Bay coincided with the debut of a new residence to house the family and their Boxer dog, Buddy. 346 Boundary Road Th River Boys is a criminal organisation based in Mangrove River and has a prescence in Summer Bay. 1 Background 2 Members 3 Images 4 Videos The River Boys are a group involved in several acts of violence as well as involvement in drugs, vice and other nefarious activities. Centennial Park NSW 2021, Episode 3538 in 2003 saw the wedding of Flynn Saunders & Sally Fletcher, though as with many Summer Bay weddings, the day didn’t go off without a hitch (pun intended). Eventually she relented and Meg was able to spend her final weeks in a loving relationship … Continue reading Meg’s Funeral, Westpac Avalon Beach 89 - 151 Old Castlereagh Road Macquarie University When Derrick came to and shot at Angelo … Continue reading Chinatown, The Sands Resort, built by Martha MacKenzie’s paternal family the Macklins, has been one of the recurring locations in the show since 1989. It was next seen in 1989, re-branded as the Summer Bay Community Centre, as the location where Martin and Lance were trying to sell their Bunyip toys in Episode 402, with Lance keeping … Continue reading Summer Bay Church Hall (1988-1989), In Episode 4743 (2008), Geoff Campbell took Nicole Franklin to visit her mother Natalie in the city. Home and Away's iconic 'Summer Bay' beach backdrop has turned apocalyptic with thick smoke from the bushfires choking the coastline.. If you're not lucky enough to … Palm Beach In Episode 4463, Lucas tracked down her apartment in the city and watched her from the street. … Continue reading Watson House, Peninsula Prestige Autos This team includes Andrew Hearle, Luke McMahon, Indiana Kwong, Patrick Cullen and many more. 6-22 John Street Whether you're planning a family vacation with your pet, a relaxing weekend getaway, or an adventurous excursion, vacation rentals are ideal for trips of all types.You can find everything from charming mountain cabins and lakeside lodges to breathtaking city apartments and luxury homes, or anything in between, all with an array of features to make your trip more comfortable and convenient. … Continue reading Summer Bay Fish Market, In Episode 4565 (2008), Henk Van Patten visited his old doctor in the city and found out he was HIV Positive. Kellyville NSW 2155, In Episode 55 we saw Lynn Davenport visiting Summer Bay’s catholic church (of which she had apparently been a regular member of the congregation) whilst having trouble dealing with her faith following recent events. When it came to needing new stock shots in 2001, an alternative location was … Continue reading Beach House (2001-present), West Pennant Hills Community Church Location tours to Home and Away, allow fans from all over the World to connect with their favourite TV show. This very building later became the Coastal News offices in 2008 when Belle started working there. The location used for the home of Leah Patterson-Baker over the last decade. On one such occasion she … Continue reading Jack’s Boat Wharf, With over 25 years clocked up on the show so far, the Beach House stands as one of Summer Bay’s most iconic locations. Numerous scenes have been filmed on the wharf and the area surrounding the creek, Leah & Dan’s wedding … Continue reading Blaxland Wharf (2004-Present), Warnervale Aerodrome Church Point NSW 2105, Having been used various times over the years, including in 1992 for Bobby & Greg’s wedding, this reserve started being seen prominently from 2004 onwards as the Summer Bay wharf where Alf’s boat ‘The Blaxland’ was moored. 2222 SAN DIEGO AVE SAN DIEGO, CA 92110. Recent posts: Home & Away is closing the doors on its 17th Ave location 5 types of Hockey Fans you’ll see on the Red Mile. The result of an inheritance from his late parents, the yacht didn’t bring much luck for Adam—no sooner had it … Continue reading Adam’s Wharf / Harling Apartment, In September 1990, Alf Stewart’s cousin Jennifer Atkinson arrived in the bay, and it soon became apparent that she was fleeing from her abusive husband, Daniel. In Episode 4012, after a pleading phone call from Olivia who hated living with her grandmother, Irene travelled to Diana’s house to see her. The house was seen sporadically over the next couple of months, with Nick Parrish starting up a shortlived relationship with Julie, Alec’s sudden death from a heart … Continue reading Gibson House, 18 Woodridge Avenue The real life location, Woolwich Dock, is renowned as one of great historic shipyards of Sydney Harbour. Palm Beach NSW 2108, Seen quite regularly in the early 90’s, Palm Beach’s 50m rock pool has made a welcome return to our screens over the past decade. When she later returned without Rory, she committed suicide in an attempt to set up Jack and Martha for her murder. He enlisted Romeo to help him with the renovation, who ended up in hospital when he held a party there without Liam’s knowledge and drank a … Continue reading Liam’s Shop, Following the death of Chloe Richards in Episode 4001, her daughter Olivia was placed in the custody of her paternal grandmother, the devious Diana Fraser. Viewers first saw the latest incarnation of the house in Episode 4836, in a one-off appearance when Charlie’s car was vandalised during her relationship with Joey … Continue reading Patterson House (2009-2015), CarBiz facebook icon instagram icon. Ernie later sold the house to Marilyn Chambers, … Continue reading Beach House (1990-1999), Making its debut in October 2007 in Episode 4523 (it’s exterior via a stock shot in 4526), the townhouse was first seen when Brad Armstrong rented it to make a proper home for himself and half-sister Tam. When Tony and Lucas moved in with the Hunters, the house became known as the Bachelor Pad, before Tony’s sister Gina Austin eventually moved in with her family, later … Continue reading Holden/Palmer House (2005-2013), The Norfolk Boatshed was first seen in 1990 in Episode 621, when Ben & Carly Lucini were looking to buy the business. There are currently no public access to, or tours of, the Redfern studios but the outdoor sets (Palm Beach) are accessible to the public. Click here to read the full story. If you want it to change on a schedule, you can set your If condition as “Based on time of day”. However there may be a few people who are unaware that the house seen frequently in stock shots for several years, was in fact no longer standing. 8 Diana Avenue 83 Pacific Road Joe then briefly let the house to his … Continue reading Fisher House (1988-1992), The Stewart House was first introduced in Episode 3 of the show as the home of Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo, who had moved there from Summer Bay House a few years earlier following the death of Alf’s wife Martha. The first appearance of their home in Episode 5243 saw Romeo Smith visit in order to help Casey with some homework, … Continue reading Cheryl Braxton’s House, After recently finding out that local lifeguard Shauna Bradley was in fact the daughter she gave up for adoption after she was raped by a guard in prison, Ailsa Stewart decided it was time to exorcise some further demons from her past. Brownlow Hill NSW 2570, As Summer Bay celebrated Robbo Shaw and Jasmine Delaney’s nuptials, the residents were shocked when federal police stormed Salt and took Robbo and Jasmine away in the middle of their reception. Distance Calculator – How far is it? Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary Her home was first seen when Belle visited in Episodes 4160 and 4162, and also a … Continue reading Kitty’s House, When Drew Curtis split up with Belle Taylor in 2008, he left the bay to stay with his dad Peter Baker and stepmum Amanda. The northernmost of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the real life home … Continue reading Palm Beach, Palm Beach Rock Pool 30 Roma Street The Barrenjoey Boathouse & Seaplane Wharf (used as the Pier Diner) stands as the main feature on the beach, which extends up to the base of Barrenjoey Headland where … Continue reading Flat Beach, West Head Lookout Showing all 9 items Jump to: Filming Locations (9) Filming Locations. Cassie promptly moved … Continue reading Cassie & Macca’s House, 'Alvah' 0 comments. With Leah’s existing account being at the Yabbie Creek branch, Bridget visited the Federation Bank in Reefton Lakes in Episode 4768, in order to … Continue reading Reefton Lakes Bank (2008), When Lily Nelson, who was staying at Summer Bay House after escaping an abusive boyfriend and her mother, witnessed Ric Dalby hit Jules Monroe, she felt threatened and did not wish to stay in the house. Balmain NSW 2041, In Episode 4618 (2008), Jack Holden visited this pub to track down the guy his wife Sam had paid to beat her up, in order to clear his own name for her murder. October 09, 2020 Google promised us earlier this year that Home and Away 'presence sensing' Routines would soon be possible with its smart home … The motel is located in Richmond, approximately 60km northwest of Sydney and near the well used … Continue reading Liam’s Motel, In 2006, Martha MacKenzie started seeing local cop Ash Nader. Palm Beach NSW 2108, If there’s one place that fans head to when they visit Palm Beach, it’s the North Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. Palm Beach NSW 2108, Named in the show as ‘Flat Beach’, Station Beach (also known as Barrenjoey Beach) runs along the western shore of the Palm Beach peninsula overlooking Pittwater. Yes No. Futuna Street She temporarily moved to a hostel where Sally & Cassie visited her in Episode 4399, followed by Ric who … Continue reading Lily’s Hostel, In Episode 4684 (2008), Nicole Franklin visited the home of Elliot Gillen, the brother of an old army friend of her father Roman. North Ryde NSW 2113, Making its debut in Episode 1 of Home and Away, Summer Bay High School has remained one of only two current buildings within the town to be seen on-screen from the very beginning. The building was located on the same beach as the Beachside Diner, albeit … Continue reading The Palace, Though not seen on screen often, this building was used as the exterior location of the apartment first occupied by Josie Russell. In reality, the 1890’s Victorian terrace … Continue reading Peter & Amanda’s City House, Following her husband Jack discovering the truth about Johnny Cooper’s death in 2008, Sam Holden took her son Rory to the city to stay with her sister, Britt Grey. Located just a … Continue reading Nash House, West Head Road When Nicole, who was supposed to have gone to visit … Continue reading Elliot’s House, 'Huaba' She lived with her brother Brett in a house near to the wharf, where she worked alongside Aden Jefferies on Don Gibson’s prawn trawler. There she met his wife and tricked her way into the house under the pretence of being a babysitter looking for work. ), was a corrupt police officer who was partnered with Jack Holden for some time in 2007. Wilberforce NSW 2756, First seen as the location of Kim Hyde and Rachel Armstrong’s wedding at the end of 2006, this church in Wilberforce was used for Summer Bay’s church for a couple of years. Visit the stunning location of Palm Beach, accompanied by your expert tour guides. Soak up the unique Summer Bay beach lifestyle, whilst your expert guide shows you some of Home and Away’s iconic outdoor filming locations. The house was first seen in Episode 108, when Roo went to stay with Morag following her aborted wedding to Frank Morgan, and appeared a few … Continue reading Bellingham Mansion, In Episode 4026 (2005), after seeing his father Barry hand over a box to a woman in the street, Kim Hyde tracked down the woman who he believed was his mother Kerry. | If you are lucky, you will see the show being filmed and … We were very lucky as we got to see the cast filming and had pics took with them!! 128 Pacific Road However Angelo Rosetta had also hidden himself in the back seat of the car, and knocked Dennis out, setting Martha free. The building used for the surgery is in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Rozelle, on … Continue reading Young St. Medical Centre, Weemala Hospital 144 Wicks Road The family became integrated into the show with several storylines playing out on the farm until Bruce’s death a few months later. Cast Away (2000) Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996) The Christmas Spirit (2013) Dancer, Texas Pop. This particular location—Macquarie Hospital, a specialist mental health residential facility in the NW Sydney suburb of North Ryde—was already very familiar to the Home and Away … Continue reading Northern Districts Hospital (1994-2010), In 1997, Travis Nash and Rebecca Fisher decided to get their own place together, and found themselves a perfect apartment next to the beach, which they moved into in Episode 2276. 99 Talavera Road 94 George Street Having lived on the streets himself, it struck a chord with Mitch and he decided to set up a place in the bay for kids in their time of need. Warrawee NSW 2047. Discover properties in destinations that everyone dreams of visiting. Full Cast and Crew It was seen in a few exterior and interior scenes throughout the year, culminating in the storyline where Aden held his father and Rachel Armstrong captive in the shed (though the interior of the shed itself was a studio … Continue reading Jefferies House (2008), First seen in 2002, the ironically named ‘Palace’ was the first home for young couple Hayley Smith and Noah Lawson. Lilyfield NSW 2040, In 2005, Irene Roberts began displaying some worrying symptoms including headaches, acute paranoia and hallucinations of the recently deceased Chloe. This particular incarnation of ‘The Sands’ … Continue reading The Sands Resort (2003), 60 Dolphin Crescent Macquarie Park NSW 2113, After the 1996 earthquake mostly destroyed Summer Bay High School in Episode 1975, a hasty rebuild in the space of a few weeks brought about a new filming location for the school’s exterior scenes, which had been filmed at a hospital in North Ryde since the show’s inception. The section seen most often on screen was the A … Continue reading Dani & Ric’s Gaol, After his former home started to subside, Donald Fisher moved to a new home in 1992, which was first seen in Episode 956. Home/Away Assist knows when someone is home by using data from your Nest product’s sensors as well as your phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular location data. Use your Nest device or smartphone to trigger routines based on your location. Wicks Road With presence sensing, your home uses activity sensors and phone location to automatically switch between Home and Away when everyone leaves home or someone comes home. Unlike the show’s first and second Summer Bay High exteriors, which were a hospital and hotel respectively, this incarnation utilised an actual former high school, just down the road from the previous locations in the Northern … Continue reading Summer Bay High (2001-2008), During the height of Brody Morgan‘s drug addiction in 2017, he found himself commandeering a stranger’s car after smashing up a pawn shop in a desperate attempt for money. Episode 4917 in 2009 saw the funeral of the much loved Belle Taylor, following her battle with cancer. Little did she realise that he had a wife and children, a fact that was learnt by viewers in the 2006 Season Finale when we saw the Nader family home. The new location, which we believe debuted … Continue reading Summer Bay High (1996-2001), Macquarie Hospital 485 S COAST HWY 101 ENCINITAS, CA 92024. A short walk away is the second beach area located by the boat club. Governer Phillip Park Writing by Rik Henderson. Warriewood NSW 2102, Summer Bay’s Jump Rock is somewhat of a local landmark which has been seen many times over the years, however it’s probably most memorable as the place where Steven Matheson and Dodge went flying off into the water after their clifftop fight in 1995. When Tug O’Neale found a stray cow on the road in Episode 1488, he brought it home and tied it up in the back garden to keep it safe whilst … Continue reading Beach House (Drive/Garden 1994), Bondi Beach Terminally ill with leukaemia, Meg made an instant connection with Blake, but for obvious reasons her mother was against a romance. Pacific Highway 128 – 130 Pyrmont Bridge Road Ku-ring-gai Chase NSW, This 13km stretch of road in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park has had a long history with the show. 1472 Pittwater Road After a few interior scenes around the 2008 season finale and 2009 season opener, which were filmed elsewhere, Episodes 4886–4887 in June 2009 marked the first time we saw the exterior of the … Continue reading Angelo’s House (2009-2010), Having been kidnapped by Suzy Sadiro in the 2009 season finale, Martha MacKenzie was driven to Chinatown by Derrick Quaid in the opening episodes of 2010. The Blaxland first appeared on-screen in May 1997, when Travis Nash and Lachie Fraser purchased her off local fisherman Snapper McCracken. This official ‘Home and Away’ tour departs from the Rocks in Sydney. The real-life exterior … Continue reading Andrew & Donna’s Flat, MGSM Executive Hotel Brooklyn NSW 2083, In Episode 4944 (2009), having recently moved to the bay, Liam Murphy bought an old run-down restaurant with a view to renovating it and starting up a music shop. From essentials such as Palm Beach (the real-life home of Summer Bay) to less well known locations such as the location of Josie's Brothel, we have details of over 100 real life locations that any true Home and Away fan needs to visit. With Travis and Rebecca moving into Summer Bay House following the departure of Pippa Ross in early 1998, the apartment was taken over by … Continue reading Nash / Fraser Apartment, St John's Church She visited her childhood home in Victoria, the place where she had killed … Continue reading Ailsa’s Childhood Home, St Peter Chanel Church 33 Warraba Road To make matters worse, he later discovered he had inadvertently transferred the virus to his girlfriend Cassie Turner. In the weeks following Jack’s death, Rachel grew suspicious of Tony’s sneaking out in the middle of the night. See the Victoria Court website for more information. Phone: 619.818.0603 11:30 am - 10 pm Mon-Sat 9:30 am - 10 pm Sun. This is the Home and Away Wiki which is about the popular Australian Soap Opera Home and Away!It commenced in January, 1988, and is still on TV's this present day.The show chronicles the lives, loves, happiness and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.. With nothing physically wrong with Irene, it was presumed that she was suffering from sort form of psychosis—but little did they know that Irene’s lodger, police officer Corey Henderson, was in fact slowly poisoning Irene … Continue reading Irene’s Care Home, MV Kangaroo Despite George and Samantha not living in Summer Bay, the real life location of the house couldn’t be nearer – being right next door to the location used … Continue reading Morris House, The exterior of Celia Stewart’s modest home, which was actually her parents home before they emigrated to Tahiti, was first seen in Episode 36 of the show. With over 2 million bookable vacation rentals, Vrbo connects homeowners with families and vacationers looking for something more than a hotel for their trip. Wahroonga NSW 2076, In Episode 4199 (aired in June 2006), Amanda Vale breezed back into town to reveal herself as the producer of a movie that was applying for a permit to film in Summer Bay. Avalon Beach NSW 2107, In Episode 4395 (April 2007), Colleen Smart rallied a team together for the great bowls tournament in Yabbie Creek against her nemesis Betty Allsop. Sam and Daria eventually embarked on … Continue reading Ellis / Fraser House, Scenes outside the iconic Beach House location, first introduced in 1990, gradually declined in the late 90s for reasons unknown. Bringing the Diner back to Palm Beach enables the crew to work more quickly, due to the fact that its predecessor was half an hour away in Collaroy. Camperdown NSW 2050, In 2007, Martha MacKenzie met Cam Reynolds who offered her a job at his establishment – The Rocket Club. The headland seen in the distance is Long Reef, … Continue reading 2007 Opening Titles, St John's Anglican Church Palm Beach NSW 2108, Episode 4882 in 2009 saw Donna De Bono arrested for the murder of husband Lou, with the police raiding the luxury hillside home she shared with him. Sadly for Fisher, this house also came a cropper when it was … Continue reading Fisher House (1992-1995), Victoria Court Hotel Again this is a beautiful beach. In reality the building is the Hawkesbury River Fish Co-Op, which sits at the rear of the Life Boat Seafood restaurant in Brooklyn. This tour is such a fabulous experience for all the fans of the hit TV show Home and Away. Named as the ‘Blaxland house’ on the show, the location debuted in Episode 261, which also saw it appear in … Continue reading Blaxland Mansion, In the closing weeks of 1995, Selina Roberts and Shannon Reed met Saul Bennett, after he came to their rescue when their car broke down. The … Continue reading Yabbie Creek Bowling Club (2007), Oaks Street Level Crossing Again this is a beautiful beach. Oh the drama! The distance is calculated in kilometers, miles and nautical miles, and the initial compass bearing/heading from the origin to the destination. i have recently returned from Australia visited Palm beach hoping to catch home and away filming and lucky enough they were , we visited palm beach twice both days were wednesdays and they were filming all day on both days by the surf club/beach and the diner / bait shop. NSW 2108, We were introduced to Ailsa Hogan’s store in the Pilot episode, when new resident Pippa Fletcher went to pick up groceries, meeting Ailsa and local gossip Doris Peters. Other characters to live in the house during it’s tenure include Nick & Shane Parrish, Lucinda Croft and Angel Brooks. Laura was soon dragging Curtis into mischief, making the front page … Continue reading Laura’s Death, First introduced to the show in 1998, the house currently known as the Braxton House moved to it’s fourth filming location in 2013, along with the Palmer House next door. The most recent incarnation of Leah’s House is also further … Continue reading Jones House, After 14 years on screen by that point, and after nearly a decade of using an established location nearby, Leah’s House moved to its third filming location in 2009. Many of the location shoots from Home and Away are filmed at Palm Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches. Location tours of Home and Away allow fans from all over the World to connect with their favourite show and experience the iconic outdoor locations featured in the hit TV program. For a more in-depth guide to getting on Home and Away, check this out: Tweet. Narrabeen Park Parade Read this next. The grand home of Tasha’s father Ian Osbourne, as seen in 2004. Viewers were first introduced to the Astoni family—consisting of parents Ben and Maggie and their two daughters Ziggy and Coco—in June 2017. When Floss arrived however, she was greeted by the housekeeper who mistakenly thought that Floss was there to apply for the job of a nanny to … Continue reading McPhee House, The home of Carly Morris’ deceptive father George and her twin sister Samantha, this house was seen in Episode 7 when Tom Fletcher paid them a visit. 141 George St Share 53. Though Colleen’s team won, there was shock all round when the club president, Cess, accused Colleen of ball tampering (an act committed by Drew Curtis) and banned her for life! Digital Spy … On board, fans will be able to capture once in a life time photo opportunities, whilst expert guides share their extensive Home and Away knowledge. Calgary’s favourite place to celebrate. It was then passed on to Robbie & Tasha before finally being occupied by Amanda Vale, during which time there were a few shots of the building (Episode 4152, 2006) when Amanda tried … Continue reading Josie/Amanda’s Apartment, 31 Whale Beach Road Avalon Beach NSW 2107, First appearing in Episode 6 (the exterior in Episode 42) in 1988, Stewart Supplies was the first of three bait shops that Alf has run over the years. TV WEEK. It took about 2 hours on the bus but it was worth it! Home and Away bring out the big guns – and not Tane’s arms, although they are there – but a slow motion clip of a brick smashing through the window, and Ziggy blurts out details of dead Ross’ murder. The one thing that is driving me crazy is how the heck I can have any control over the location modes like night, home, and away. The boat later came into … Continue reading Blaxland (Alf’s Boat), 10 Darius Avenue Our Home2 Suites hotels offer accommodations for a variety of travel needs in countless destinations. Back to the Bay is an unofficial fan site and is not associated with Seven Network or Channel 5. It’s debut on the show came in Episode 516 in 1990, when Adam Cameron and Matt Wilson rented the house from owner Ernie Jacobs. Technical Specs, ATN-7 Studios - 8 Central Avenue, Eveleigh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Kenthurst, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Palm Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Avalon, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Collaroy Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Duffys Forest, New South Wales, Australia, Kings Cross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Sometimes referred to … Brooklyn NSW 2083, In early 2009, Aden Jefferies started work on Don Gibson‘s prawn trawler, located at the previously unseen Doyles Point Wharf in Summer Bay. 43 Adams Street When Colleen accidentally started a chip pan fire in Episode … Continue reading Bayside Diner, Seen in 2008, this house was the family home of Aden Jefferies and his father Larry.

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